30. November 2018

About me / Über mich

Foto: Uwe Erensmann

“Heartfelt at home here in Germany – and all over the world.”

My parents were US diplomats, so I spent my childhood and teenage years in North and South America as well as in Europe and felt at home in many different environments.

1972 brought me to Hamburg, Germany, where I lived and worked in advertising for the next 12 years. Then – in 1983 – my life was forever to change. I was invited to a fabulous Renaissance party at the castle of my future husband, Franz Josef. Charmed by a night of minstrels, jesters and medieval knights, I fell in love and one year later was married. Our two children, Patricia and Max soon followed. My life then was dedicated to the upkeep of tradition and aristocratic values. Together with my husband we developed a marketing concept entailing historic festivals soon to be popular for visitors from near and afar. Jousting festivals, romantic Christmas and many other festivities are still part of the annual program, now organized by our daughter Patricia, who has added many more attractions to the annual calendar: 

www.burgsatzvey.de / www.emotion-pferd.de


I published my first book in 1999 soon to be followed by a medieval novel, coffee-table books showing well known personalities in and around Germany and biographies and company chronicles: You will find more about me and my books on German Wikipedia.

Many of my activities also center around helping children in need. In 2008 I founded the Jeannette Gräfin Beissel von Gymnich Stiftung to support children’s homes in Germany and also individual children who have suffered intense hardships, violence and abuse. My husband Franz, as well as Patricia and Max are amongst the members of the board of my foundation:

www.schumaneck.de / www.jbg-stiftung.org

The creative interaction with this wonderfully soft wool and the joy of working with a multitude of colors gives me a sense of profound satisfaction. My atelier in the tower of Satzvey Castle offers a spectacular view unto the treetops in the massive park surrounding it. Each season brings with it a splash of new hues and inspires me to my creations. Motivated by the traditions and values symbolized by our castle, I add fresh and funky elements to the accessories designed by me and personally made by hand. Chic and unique – that is my style will underline yours. My creations are truly heartfelt – personally handmade by me for you with love and consideration.